IMDB credits


Film & Televsion

8 Days to Hell (2020) … Johnathan Jones
Tidy Tim’s (2019) …Tidy Tim
Cut and Chop (2019) … Burt
The Book of Life (2017) … Luke
J.L. Ranch (2016)… Ethan Peterson
Chicago P.D. (2015)… Nathan Whitcomb
Longmire (2015)… Seth Buyers
The Legend of Black Annie (2015)…Holton Bundy
Men Go To Battle (2015)… Samuel
Runoff (2014)… Jesse Caldwell
Last of the Breed: The Dave Evans Story (2014)… Billy Hurst
Barracuda (2013 )…Dudley Johnson
Criminal Minds (2011)…Sheriff Oliver
Without Borders (2011)… Bucky
CSI (2010)…Co-Star
Southland (2010)…O’Doul
Medium (2010)…Co-Star
The Young & the Restless (2010/2011)…Recurring/Detective Markovic
Changing Hands (2010)… Bum
God Fly (2009)… Dazzle David
By God’s Grace (2009)… Jim
Tsunami Beach Club (2008)… Randy
Resident Evil: Extinction (2007) …Piggy
Cain and Abel (2007) …. John Abel (View Trailer)
Zodiac (2007) …. Informant
Heroes (2007)…..Cowboy Boots
Roadside Assistance (2008)….Matthew Brenner
Numb3rs (2007) …. Guard #3
Take (2007) …Older Mechanic
Two and a Half Men (2006)…. Man
Las Vegas (2006)…. recurring as Roulette Dealer
Passions (2005) …. recurring as Andy
Strange Fruit (2004) …. Jordan Walker
Johnson Family Vacation (2004) …. Angus
Road of No Return (2004) …. Whitey
The Heat Chamber (2003) …. Guard
Joseph & ClaireBell (2002) ….Joseph
Damsel of Death (2002) …. Lead Detective
The Best Picture Show (2001) …. Step Father
Posers (2001)… Mobster
Stagefright (2001) …. Used Car Salesman
Waiting on the Lost (2001) …. Truck Driver
Cowboy Country (2001)… Redneck Husband
Little Boy Blue (1999)… Blue
Bobby Lee’s Last Supper (1999)… Bobby Lee
C-Store (1998)… Elmo
Danner vs Jones (1993)… David Danner
The Congress Of Wonders (1993) ….Sonny


Writer/Producer/Director – filmography

8 Days to Hell (2020)
Tidy Tim’s (2019)
Cut and Chop (2019)
The Legend of Black Annie (2015)
Barracuda (2013)
Cain and Abel (2007) (View Trailer)
Joseph & ClaireBell (2002)
Little Boy Blue (1999)
Bobby Lee’s Last Supper (1999)



EA Sports
Dodgers Baseball
Carl’s Jr.
Mattel Toys
Thornton’s Gas
Kentucky Farm Bureau
Ohio Lottery


 Booty of The Year Honey Boy  Kentucky Center For The Arts
 Beyond Dorothy Parker Ben  Actors Theatre of Louisville
 The Dodge (Director)
(Nominated for Pulitzer Prize) *see story
 J.W.  Roundtable Theater
 The Caretaker (co-Director)
*see review
 Mick  Roundtable Theater, Louisville, KY
 The Glass Mendacity (Director)
*see review
 Stanley  Roundtable Theater
 Bus Stop  Bo Decker  Elizabethtown Playhouse, KY
 The Crucible Paris  Kentucky Contemporary Theater
 Beau Jest
*see review
 Chris  Kentucky Contemporary Theater
 Tiny Tim Is Dead
*see review
 Filo  Kentucky Contemporary Theater
 Hot L Baltimore
*see review
 Jamie  Kentucky Contemporary Theater
 Paint Your Wagon
*see review
Janney  Clarksville Little Theater, Indiana
 Bettin’ On The Robert E. Lee Mud    Floyd County Playhouse
 If it Fits  Mark    Floyd County Playhouse
 Singing Vivaldi  Ray    Floyd County Playhouse
 The Trip to Bountiful  Ticket Man  Clarksville Little Theater
 Don’t Drink The Water  Kasnar   St. Francis of Rome Theater
 Any Number Can Die  Jack Regent  Shelby County Playhouse
 Panic at The Rud  Prince Charming  Roundtable Theater



Shane played the role of “Julius Caesar” for CAESAR’S CASINO, and the role of “Batman” for SIX FLAG’S “Batman Thrill Show Spectacular”