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‘Booty of The Year’ Review
By Janice Griffin

“‘Honey Boy’ is played perfectly by Los Angeles actor Shane Woodson whose 20+ years in show business is demonstrated effortlessly in his role as a ring announcer and co-female wrestling promoter.”
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• • •
The New Albany Tribune, Friday, August 14, 1992
(New Albany Original Play Festival)
By: Ann All
“If It Fits” Writer: Susan Gee

“Shane J. Woodson, as Mark, turned in the best performance of the show. His obvious distress at wearing a dress left the audience hoping to see more of his funny dilemma.”

• • •
“Singing Vivaldi” Writer: James I. Schempp

“Particularly good were Shane J. Woodson, with an impossibly campy performance that will remind fans of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” of Tim Curry’s Frank N. Furter…”

• • •
The New Albany Tribune, Sunday, September 13, 1992 (Lerner & Lowe’s “Paint Your Wagon”)
By: Dale Sandusky

” …Shane J. Woodson is amusingly villainous…”

• • •
The Louisville Courier-Journal, 1993
(Lanford Wilson’s “Hot L Baltimore”)
By: Kristin Faurest

“Loren Crawford and Shane J. Woodson are especially absorbing as Jackie and Jamie , a transient sister and brother who come off more than anything else like an odd variation of Lenny and George in “Of Mice and Men”.

• • •
The Louisville Courier-Journal, 1994 (Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple”, female version)
By: Chris Kincade

“Some of the funniest moments occur during Olive and Florence’s double date with Manolo and Jesus, the Spanish brothers who live upstairs. Aptly played by Shane Woodson, Manolo is a slick lady-killer who ends up crying over broken relationships with Florence.”

• • •
The Louisville Courier-Journal, 1995 (Barbara Lebow’s “Tiny Tim Is Dead”)
By: Allen Howie

“Shane Woodson’s agitated Hispanic crack head is as hysterical as Charlie Douglas’ Verna is dreamily sad.”

• • •
The Louisville Courier-Journal, April, 1995 (James Sherman’s “Beau Jest”)
By: Allen Howie

“Shane Woodson plays Sarah’s real boyfriend, Chris, with a callow whininess that drives the audience to pull for Bob.”

• • •
The Leo, Louisville, KY, July, 1996 (The Chicago Illegitimate Player’s “The Glass Mendacity”)
By: M.L. English

“Creatively directed by Shane Woodson, who also plays Stanley Kowalski, the play is currently running at the Rudyard Kipling…”

• • •
The Louisville Courier-Journal, August 1996
(Harold Pinter’s “The Caretaker”)
By: George Hubbard

“Shane Woodson looks and acts the perfect petty hoodlum, displaying lightning-fast changes of mood and pace, always keeping Davies off balance.”

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